Analysis Of The Movie 'The Skeleton Key'

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With Whom Do You Identify Most? Caroline Ellis in the movie, “The Skeleton Key” is whom I identify mostly with. She’s a caregiver who’s ambitious, caring and energetic, who works in a hospice facility: where people go to seek medical care and comfort in their last weeks or days of life. Once Caroline realizes how people are cold hearted, careless and that patients are just a statistic; she decides it’s time for her to leave and fine something else to do even in the middle of starting nursing school. Caroline ends up landing a job at the Devereaux’s plantation home taking care of Ben, a Hoodoo stoke victim. Throughout my life I have been a caregiver for several people. Although it started when I was young with taking care of my …show more content…

As a caregiver, sometimes you go above and beyond the call of duty when you someone you love or care deeply for is suffering. No matter the circumstances; self-inflected, Hoodoo, overdose, or medical induced, a good caregiver will do research and try to find out what’s causing the hallucinations. In the elderly this is quite common; however, when we miss a loved one, no matter the age, sometimes our mind can cause us to see the same images as our love ones as well. Therefore, we can rationalize with our patients like I have, just as Caroline did with Ben. After talking with several of my friends and family members that’ve watched the movie, they said I definitely remind them of Caroline because I’m always taking care of everyone, my motherly instincts. For as long as they’ve known me, that’s how I’ve always been. I asked them if I was too motherly; they said no; that this is who you are, who makes you a better person and will make you the type of nurse you’ve always wanted taking care of your love ones. My friends and family know me best. They’ve been around me for years, day and night. My sisters, parents and my best friends tell me how it is and will not lie to me. This is why I go to them and ask them things when it comes to nursing. Specially, my best friend, Jane, she is a Critical Care Nurse. I value what she thinks. We’ve always been able to tell each other the truth. If this helps me in taking care of someone, then by all means I need to

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