Analysis Of The Movie ' The Wire '

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The first time SPQ interviewed actor and Pittsburgh native Carl Clemons, he was part of HBO’s awarding winning series “The Wire.” Since the show’s conclusion, he has kept himself working as an actor in a variety of acting roles. “These past few years I have experienced personal trails & tribulations. Working in the film business is not as easy as it seems.” Carl shared. There is saying in the film business that many great scenes are left on the cutting floor; it’s not an idle phrase, but truth. Carl has experienced this not once, but twice. Once during the filming ‘South Paw,’ starring Jake Gyllenhaal and 50 Cents. Carl went up for a featured role, but did not get the call back. Not to take rejection nor the opportunity to work with Pittsburgh native award winning Director, Antoine Fuqua, he humbled himself to a role as a movie extra. Not long into filming he ran into fellow actor, Tyrese Gibson, who had a featured role in the film. His friend asked, why he was a movie extra? After discussion and finagling, Carl was offered the role as Tyrese’s character’s friend. In the editing, Tyrese’s entire character was cut, as Carl’s character. The second experience happened while filming ‘Out of the Furnace’ with Christian Bale. “It was only a seven-minute scene, but it was powerful,” said Carl. His seven minutes of what might had been his personal Oscar winning scene, lay on the editing floor. Anyone with less passion and determination, might have walked away,

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