Analysis Of The Movie ' The Wire '

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Last time SPQ spoke with actor and Pittsburgh native Carl Clemons, he was part of HBO’s awarding winning series “The Wire.” Since the show’s conclusion, Carl has kept himself busy with the continued development of his craft through multiple acting roles. “I have learned a lot these past few years through my own trails & tribulations working in the film business,” he shared. One such test of patience, strength and endurance happened during the filming of “South Paw” here in Pittsburgh, produced by another Pittsburgh native Antione Fuqua. Carl said that he went to try out for a feature role, but was not chosen. Not to take rejection and the chance to work with the award-winning director, he humbled himself and accepted a role as a movie extra. Also starring in the movie was his friend Tyrese Gibson. One day Tyrese saw him and asked Carl, what was he doing playing an extra? After Carl told him the story, Tyrese went Fuqua and let him know about Carl’s talents. Carl was then given the role as Tyrese’s character’s friend in the film. In the final cut, not only was Tyrese’s character cut from the film, but so was Carl’s. That’s the way it goes in the film business, you never know what or who is going to be left on the editing floor. But out of this rocky experience Carl has grown as an actor and understands the uncertainty of working as an actor. Another similar experience happened in the film “Out of the Furnace,” with Christian Bale (filmed in Pittsburgh and

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