Analysis Of The Movie ' Victor Victoria 's ' Bed With Richard Dinardo '

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As much as we believe communicating without the use of words is merely impossible nonverbal cues are used so much we tend to not realize them, or they simply just become second nature to us. The movie Victor Victoria does a great job of showcasing these so called non-verbal cues. Non-verbal cues are messages conveyed using facial, spatial, and eye communication as well as body appearance and body movements. These messages allow the audience to see what a character is feeling or what his intentions are without the use of words. The movie Victor Victoria shows an array of messages that show just how effective non-verbal cues are. Throughout the span of the movie Victor Victoria, the primary purpose for the use of non-verbal cues is to emphasize the gender of the characters, but was used in other ways. The first non-verbal miscue is shown in the beginning of the movie; Carole Todd is shown in bed with Richard DiNardo. Richard is later shown walking into Chez Lui with a woman acting extremely masculine in order to conceal his homosexuality to the public. Victoria also auditions in the same place called Chez Lui, but is completely turned down leading to her portraying her anger by singing so loud it causes a glass to shatter demonstrating how good she sings. Anger and the shattering of the glass are both non-verbal cues in this scene. Victoria’s lack of success in singing has her on an empty stomach for the last 4 days, and this is shown when she peeps through a window and

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