Analysis Of The Movie Viva Villa

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Luisa Anchondo
September 19, 2017
Chicano Cinema
T- 6:00-8:50 pm.
“Viva Villa” The film “Viva Villa” is a 1934 drama film directed by Jack Conway and (uncredited) Howard Hawks. The screenplay was written by Ben Hecht based on the book written by Edgecumb Pichon and O.B. Stade and produced by David O. Selznick. This movie is a biography of the life of the Mexican hero Pancho Villa and how he participates on the revolution of Mexico. The main character of the movie was Pancho Villa performed by Wallace Beery. The film started by showing when Pancho Villa was young and saw how the killers beat his dad to death when he was protesting after he lost his land. At that moment, Pancho Villa as a revenge he stab one of the killers and then he head off to the Hills of Chihuahua. As the time passed Pancho Villa with a band of rebel bandits started to killed wealthy land owners and he became the hero for a lot of poor people that admired him. Then, Don Felipe, a wealthy aristocrat, knew about Pancho Villa was the hero of a lot of poor people arrange for him to meet Francisco Madero. In the meeting with Francisco Madero, he convinces Pancho Villa to help him fight for the liberty of Mexico because he didn’t agree of what Mexico had become with the ruling of Porfirio Diaz. Pancho Villa agreed to help him to fight for the liberty of Mexico. In the course of the fight to obtain the liberty of Mexico as Francisco Madero dream, Francisco Madero was killed. Pancho Villa decides to fight

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