Analysis Of The Novel ' Frankenstein '

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The Role of Sickness in the novel Frankenstein
A nasty cough and a fever to match strikes again. Everyone catches that routine seasonal cold, what an inconvenience. The consequences force one to miss out on social activities and work. While this might seem a privilege at the time, eventually sickness starts to feel like a punishment. All too familiar with illness, Victor Frankenstein, the main character in Mary Shelly’s novel Frankenstein, struggles to overcome this hardship. Unfortunate stressful events cause Victor to fall extremely ill, separating him from society and his responsibilities. The cause of Victor’s sickness correlates with the stress and worry he experiences due to the creation of the monster, while sickness foreshadows tragic future events throughout the novel.
Victor uses sickness as a cover or “safety blanket” in order to escape the guilt and stress due to the creation of the monster. Confined to his sick bed, Victor’s family and friends do not expect him to take on any responsibilities or work. Sickness allows one to take a reprieve from society, and provides a universal excuse to stay at home, and take time for oneself until one feels up and well to face the world again. Victor struggles to comprehend the death and destruction his creation leaves behind, when he falls ill, time passes uninterrupted and Victor’s life and surroundings do not change. Consumed in his studies, and obsessed with the thought of creating the monster, Victor allows himself to

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