Analysis Of The Novel ' Of Mice And Men '

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Intro 100 words

Sexism 200/300 words

Ageism 150/200 words

Disability 200 words

Racism 200/300 words

Frisendship/isolation 200 words

Conclusions 100 words


Steinbeck’s novel was written and set in the 1930s.

In the novella, of Mice and Men, the autor gave his characters "The American Dream" but the obsacles always seem to get in the way. Steinbeck show us the theme, "American Dream", as it is in real life and demonstrates the effect of isolation through prejudice, broken dreams and the setting. Every character from the ranch is discriminated in Of Mice and Men.

The book Of mice and men was written in a period when people with mental illness were treated like outcasts. The people were considered like that because they were different. Mental people were thought to be almost like a different species. Black people were treated outcasts because they had different skin colour to white people. Also women were considered like property that belonged to men. The novel was written during the Great Depression, where jobs and employment were scarce. America was quite a poor country back then. Lennie is considered an outcast because he is mentally disabled. Mentally disabled peopled in that time were treated badly. Some of the important theme that Steinbeck is using in the book is about sexism, racism, frienship and isolation, disability and ageism.


Sexism is very important theme in Steinbeck’s novella because it shows us…
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