Analysis Of The Novel ' Saving Sourdi '

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Why Sourdi is Never Saved?: Selective Change in Sourdi, in Saving Sourdi 2017 In Saving Sourdi, by May-Lee Chai, a major character Sourdi, the sister of the protagonist Nea, undergoes a number of changes, while certain other aspects of her character do not change. The relationship between Sourdi and Nea unquestionably also changes. Sourdi is a foil from which a reader can draw a contrast with Nea. In summary, Sourdi continues to have certain qualities perceived by Nea on the one hand, but on the other hand Sourdi does develop into an adult thinking about issues and life milestones which do not necessarily involve Nea, leaving behind Nea; all of these dynamics accentuate themes of cultural levers for immigrants, relationships and …show more content…

This turn of events plays importantly into themes of immigration. While the reader is told an explanation for the black eye of Sourdi, the explanation is not really tenable, albeit it is one believed by Nea and Duke. There are also themes of immigration and culture. It is interesting that cultural responsibilities to her husband is what really separates Nea and Sourdi. Coming of age and the role men is also something. Yet again, it is the cultural instance of the man Mr. Chhay that takes Sourdi away; despite any protestations of his uncouthness Duke actually may have made for something more inclusive for Nea as he is delayed in development like Nea; symbolized by the fact Duke and Nea even held hands while present with Nea in the car. With Mr. Chhay in the life of Sourdi, there is very little role for Nea; perhaps this is why Nea hates so much that fact that he calls her ‘little sister’ (Chai, 2001). Overall Sourdi represents a choice to become that her mother became, a wife and mother. The acts of violence by Nea can be contrasted with the perceived violence involving Sourdi in the end. While Nea lashes out to protect in the beginning perceiving a threat, Sourdi seeks to protect her very attacker with an unconvincing story of baby wipes falling on her face. This assumes that despite the story told by

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