Analysis Of The Poem ' Anastrophe Elegy ' By Rebecca Foust

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The poem “Anastrophe Elegy” by Rebecca Foust tells the story of a woman who falls madly in love with a man. This woman, was the “it girl” she was talented, smart, beautiful, and athletic. She had many different roles in peoples lives such as girlfriend, wife, mother, friend, coach and many more. However, she met a man whom she falls in love with. As a result of love she gives her all to him. She went above and beyond for this man giving up much of herself to make sure he was happy. After spending much of her time and money for the man she loved, he ups and leaves her. When the love of her life left, he not only left with himself but he left with a part of her. The persona says that the woman was not the same after he left. Throughout the poem there is a sense of grief brought on from this tragic relationship and the unwarranted results of the relationship. Although the woman in the story did not die, her spirit did die when the love of her life left. Therefore, the theme of sadness is shown in this poem through the anastrophe structure, style choice of an elegy, and the mood. Firstly, the theme of sadness is presented through the structure of an Anastrophe. When it comes to poetry, the structure it is presented is very important. The structure of a poem can determine the rhythm. Furthermore, it can make a poem sound fast pace, slow, anxious or calm. The structure controls how one may read the poem or even perceive the poem. The author chooses to write the poem in the form

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