Analysis Of The Poem ' Gwendolyn Brooks '

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Amber Bryan Professor Heintz LIT1000 12 December 2016 Personal Journal “Look at what 's happening in this world. Every day there 's something exciting or disturbing to write about. With all that 's going on, how could I stop?” (“Gwendolyn” Gwendolyn Brooks, born in 1917 in Kansas grew up with her father, David Anderson Brooks and her mother, Keziah Wims Brooks. Although born in Kansas, Gwendolyn was raised in Illinois (Shor). Throughout her life she dealt with real issues and confronted them within her writing. Her thoughts and poetry would continue to be relevant for decades, even as time goes on, the world still remains a broken place. “The Brooks household was a happy one, and Gwendolyn thrived on a steady diet of love and encouragement from her parents, who read stories and sang songs to their two children” (“Gwendolyn” Contemporary Heroes). Brooks discovered her love of writing as a young girl in her late childhood and early adolescence. She was the target of harassment in her early schools and was picked on for everything from her hair and the way she looks to her personality and the way she interacts with others. After attempts of getting along with the other students at two other high schools failed, Brooks was sent to an integrated high school, Englewood and graduated in 1934 (“Gwendolyn” Scribner). Brooks graduated from college in 1936 with an English degree, and later became “the publicity director of the local National Association for the
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