Analysis Of The Poem ' Hairspray '

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We’re running through the inky black darkness for what seems like an eternity, we are running out of energy- I’m panting. We slow, eventually stopping, our eyes darting around looking for an exit, nothing. Then we hear the thudding footsteps growing louder so that it sounds echo all around- we are trying to find its origin but we can’t. My friend panics and breaks out in a run yelling for us to follow. One by one we follow running deeper in to the seemingly endless darkness.

We run until the footsteps of the unknown thing fades to a soft patter and I realise how out of breath I am. looking at the others I see familiar features in the one who demanded we continue running. his face sagged but had a cheerful look. I look at the others they too have something familiar about them, one has a unique hair style- as if practised methodically and coated in hairspray. Another dressed in murky blue overalls- which I could’ve sworn belonged to me, and the last was young and had a look of sadness, hope and longing in his eyes when he looked at me but his features and hair resembled that of the older man. The darkness enclosed them and then the silence was broken with an explosive moan, then the almost inaudible footsteps came pounding louder and louder, closer and closer. we bounded into action running in- as best as we could tell- the opposite direction. Then a high pitched screech came from the woman with the stiffened hair. I turned and stopped to see the young girl being dragged

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