Analysis Of The Poem ' I Am Not A Child ! ' Essay

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She brought her mouth from the water once again and spoke to him, her voice slightly softer than before.
“I live here.”
Thomas glanced around, confused by her statement.
“You live here?” he asked. “That’s impossible. I’ve lived by this beach my entire life and I have never seen you once. You certainly do not go to my school and besides, my house is the only one so close to the beach. You can’t possibly live around here.”
“But I do,” she said back to him, raising her voice. “and I do not go to school.”
“That’s ridiculous!” Replied Thomas. “What kind of child does not go to school?”
At this, the girl frowned and rose from water more than Thomas had seen before and she shouted:
“I am not a child!”
Thomas could not help but to chuckle. Even when filled with anger, her voice was lovely and caused his head to spin and his heart to beat a bit faster.
“If you are not a child, then just how old are you?” he asked, sitting back down on the dock; his eyes locked onto the girl who appeared to be no older than himself.
The girl looked down, deep in thought.
“I don’t remember.” She said.
“you don’t remember?”
“You lose track after a couple of centuries. Especially when you spend all of them alone.” She said this as she continued to avoid eye contact. The pieces had begun to fall into place. Thomas knew exactly what she was now. He peered over the edge of the dock and down into the water. Kicking beneath her were two long legs. Much longer than one would see on any normal human. There

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