Analysis Of The Poem ' Sister Outsider '

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Highly personal, Sister Outsider reflects how Audre Lorde’s deals with the many faces of systematic oppression, in order to become whole. Written throughout the lifespan of her life, what Audre Lorde has written was not just for herself but rather for other women who can and do relate to her and the struggles that she faced. Lorde bases a lot of her writings on who she is: a black woman, lesbian identified woman, a feminist, and mother of two; and what she had experienced throughout her life. She allows her experiences and struggles to be open dialogue to address issues that are not normally discussed, in hopes of being able to reach an audience whose voice has not yet been heard. Within Sister Outsider, Lorde explores the issues of race, anger, and guilt that arises from favoring the overall American system that promotes systems of oppression that correspond with racism. Lorde explores many themes within her writings, but this paper will concentrate on the underlining themes from “The Uses of Anger: Women Responding to Racism” (Audre Lorde), themes such as the need and use of anger without guilt, oppression vs. oppressed relationship, and the need for a different feminist movement. When dealing with racism Lorde proclaims that the only response for dealing with such issue is anger. Not just any type of anger bur rather the anger that deals with the exclusion, unquestioned privilege, racial distortions, ill-use stereotyping, and defensiveness (Lorde 124). Anger is the most
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