Analysis Of The Poem ' Utnapishtim Immortality '

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Matthew Loper Ms Teresa Wells World Lit 2423 363 September 21, 2015 Utnapishtim Immortality Utnapishtim was granted immortality for the simple fact that Enlil hated him and wanted to punish him with eternal life. Utnapishtim was told by Ea that the flood was coming, and he knew that would be the end of mankind. Utnapishtim said to Ea “Your command, my lord, exactly as you said it, I shall faithfully execute.”(pg73 line 33) Ultimately he developed a plan to save himself and the people. His plan was to construct a huge boat and when the floods came the people would be on the boat and not be killed. Utnapishtim knew he had to have a plan in order for the construction of the boat to be completed. He was very smart with his plan and knew how to bring the people together and for the boat to be finished in time. In order for his plan to work he had to come up with a story to tell his people. He had to have a believable story so they would follow him and not think he was crazy. He asked Ea for advice on this matter, and asked what he should tell the people. He was told to tell the people that Enlil is angry with him and that he must find a new place to live. The story works and the people stand blindly behind him. For seven days straight Utnapishtim sacrificed a lamb or a bull in a celebratory manner and the people feasted until the bellies were full. There was also plenty of beer and wine to keep the people happy. After the 7 days the boat was complete. Enlil wanted to destroy

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