Analysis Of The Poem ' V ' Darkness '

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Nova 's P.O.V

Darkness... Darkness is all I see right now I somehow know I 'm not dead but not alive either I 'm in between both like a coma not dead nor alive just sleeping. I look around trying to find away out, "Hello?" I ask but nothing happens I start walking around with no direction not knowing if I 'm going round and round I 'm not scared I actually feel relaxed I don 't know why. "Hello?" I ask again, this time something appears in front of me it 's like a movie screen I stare at it waiting for something to happen. A few seconds later something starts playing; at first it was blurry but it slowly focused, there 's a women and her two children I stare closely at them they look familiar but who are they; I stared closely at them my eyes widen, It was mom, Xavier and me before mom died and Xavier disappeared. We look so happy together swinging on the swing and laughing blowing some bubble here and there the blue and sky and green grass. I remember this day it was my birthday, I was turning 6 that day, and we went to the park together everything was just perfect. I smiled at the memory seeing my moms face hearing her laughter her voice once more. I feel the need of reaching out and hugging her at least one last time but I don 't, and my brother just two years older than me taking care of me making sure I was ok catching me at the end of the slide and kissing my forehead I wish I could hug them both and never let them go. I couldn 't help it no more I just

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