Analysis Of The Scene Of Titanic

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James Cameron directed and co-produced Titanic in 1997. It is one of the epic tragical-romantic films of all time. Leonardo DiCaprio plays Jack Dawson (hero) and Kate Winslet plays Rose DeWitt Bukater (heroine). Titanic tells the evergreen love story of Rose and Jack. Rose is a first class passenger, but her family is going through financial crises which her mother Ruth is trying to resolve and retain their weakening high-class status through her marriage with Cal Hockley, her fiancé. Agitated over this marriage she attempts suicide by jumping off the stern of the ship. Jack, a poor painter, discourages her from suicide and saves her life. This is a pivotal scene where an epic romance begins. The acting, setting, and lighting play …show more content…

Rose’s distraught for her marriage with fiancé is very evident in her facial expression as she runs to the stern and looks off to the ocean. When Jack enters the scene, it is apparent that he is nervous; but, as he approaches Rose, his face reflects calm but courage. While attempting to discourage her from suicide, Jack realizes she is actually very disturbed, but afraid to jump.In this case, he shares with her some anecdotes on his experience with ice fishing to ease her stress off. Examining another sub-scene where she trips and falls, we can see his courageous face turning into a face of her new hope for life. Her face is brightened, her eyes are mesmerized, and her mind is strengthened by the end of this shot leaving audience enchanted. The setting is yet another critical component playing a more active role in this scene. Choosing the stern to be the best place for her to commit suicide is where the vitality of this set comes to play. Director James Cameron chose this particular location and the hand rails for her to accidentally trip was to create a dramatic helpless effect which he knew will trigger the minds of his audience. This significant setting is at the very end of the ship where no one usually wanders at night. It is quite and peaceful. In such a setting where the only two people to stand the stern are the two main characters when Jack (a complete stranger at this point) walks in ready to give his life to save her’s leaves him a heroic charm of

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