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Titanic is one of the outstanding/ phenomenal movie ever created. It is a best romantic film ever produced. Titanic is filled with love, romance, drama, excitement, etc. It is by far the best romantic movie I have ever seen. Although I saw the movie on the 60 inch Samsung in my room while eating popcorn. It was quite and dark. I really feel like it was the best experience that I ever had because there was no one around me. There was no noise of crying baby, there were no people behind you whispering to each other. It was calm and relaxing.
Titanic movie is about a ship that sails across the Atlantic Ocean, Titanic is supposed to be unsinkable ship but while sailing across the ship hits an iceberg which destroyed the lives of many decent people. …show more content…

The two main character of the movie are Jack Dawson and Rose DeWitt Bukater. Leonardo DiCaprio plays as Jack and Kate Winslet plays as Rose. Jack who is a poor homeless man from Wisconsin he has travelled lots of places. He wins two ticked to the unsinkable ship The Titanic in a poker game. He travels in the third class passenger with his friend. Rose is a seventeen year old girl who is forced to marry so she and her mother can maintain a higher status after the death of her father. The director of the movie James Cameron is an amazing person. The reason I say that is because he took an actual tragic event and combined it with the tragic love story which he knew this is something that audience will love. The movie actually gives people an idea about how the actual Titanic was hit and sink. Not just an idea the movie teaches about the Titanic the unsinkable ship by giving them the visual of how it was sink. When you are watching this movie it is very hard not to cry. Rose is tired of her life been stuck around all the rich people and when she meets Jacks, he talks her out of jumping off the back of ship. When they first meet viewers can tell that eventually they will fall four each other. They meet in secret night and day as they were frowned by the rich people. There was nothing stopping them from meeting to each other as they show that love wins. When watching the movie some people can also relate to their personal life story to on how …show more content…

But there are two very famous scene which are eye catching. One of the scenes is when Jack talks her out of the harsh life. Jack makes Rose stand on the front railing of the ship. Jack grabs her arm as she extends them out. Rose says the famous line from the movie “I’m Flying” this is the moment Jack and Rose share their first kiss and the Titanic see the day light for the last

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