Analysis Of ' The Ship Reaches The Shore '

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How Dare You The ship reaches the shore. The jaunty men, after their long journey, gather their weapons and await the dismissal sign from their captain. Odysseus finally sets foot on Ithaca after two decades. He reconciles with his wife, Penelope and his son, Telemachus. With the help of Athena, he regains his reputation and returns as the chief of Ithaca. Odysseus knows that one more journey still awaits ahead of him. After all the years he has spent away from his home, he decides to leave once more. Penelope must express all of her thoughts, obviously, she knows this may be the last time she sees him. Odysseus, I’m going to ask you why do you enjoy hurting others? It is a rhetorical question with the sole purpose of confusing you and gaining your defensive reaction. I need that reaction to determine whether or not you recognize how wrong your decisions truly are. Look at me in the eyes and listen to everything I’m about to say. At this moment, clear your mind, place your oak on the ground and sit across from me. As, I repeat, listen and listen well, because I will nott be repeating myself. Odysseus, I’m a woman that honors trust, love and my marriage. Twenty summers!, you’ve been gone for twenty summers. Despite all the suitors that constantly gather themselves around the house as an attempt to marry me, I remain faithful to you. You welcome yourself back home, disguise yourself as a beggar, only to test my honesty after achieving your primary goal. I

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