God Or Word Of Repression?

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Nichol Feldtz
Word of God or Word of Repression?
The Bible, more specifically Genesis, has supported the idea of male superiority over many years. We can take the instance in the first creation story, where God created man and woman at the same time symbolizing that men and women are equal. Unfortunately, many do not use this creation story; many tend to focus more on the second creation story, where Eve comes after Adam. Stanton points out this difference in her article "The Solitude of self" and looks deeper into the reason as why society tends to focus more on our male contour parts. Stanton points out the flaws in our society although not stating a real way to fix these flawed traditions she does draw attention to them. Men dominate today 's society and one of the main factors in this domination is the tradition that was put into place by Biblical stories.

Traditions, especially ones put into place by the Bible restrict women. Take for example society, which has put "rules" into young girls heads such as you have to have long hair, cursing is not lady like, be thin, be girly but not too girly, and getting married. All these "rules" are tradition set forth by the generation before us. This so-called tradition is more like chains on women holding us back from our true potentials. Even today these rules are not as harshly set in stone as they once were but think when a girl has short hair she is considered lesbian, cursing is still seen as not

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