Analysis Of The Son Of Man By Rene Magritte

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There’s significance behind famous artworks that we see today in which artists create. In “The Son of Man”, the painter, René Magritte, paints several unique details that demonstrate symbolism of many different things. Magritte places many items in the painting in certain positions and angles. “The Son of Man” creates a curious, confused, and suspenseful mood towards the viewer. Magritte places the details in “The Son of Man” in a peculiar style. An example of how he does this is the green apple that’s painted in front of the man’s face. In the painting the apple is in front of the man’s face, covering it. Although it doesn't completely cover the man’s face, on both sides of where the apple is covering the face, the edge of the eyes and the creases of the mouth are still visible. The creases of the mouth indicate that the man is frowning. The facial expression is a significant detail towards what Magritte is creating which is a curious mood, and that’s why the apple is in front of the man’s face. There are many other details within the painting that show what Magritte was trying to create. While looking at the painting, there were a few interesting details where Magritte placed the lights and shadows in the painting that supports the mood. Magritte heavily shades in the left arm and hand and shades in the majority of the left lower half of the man’s body. When contrasting the left and right sides of the body, the right isn’t heavily shaded as the left

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