Analysis Of The Song Born This Way

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‘No matter gay, straight, or bi, I was born to survive’. In the words of lady GaGa herself it doesn’t matter who you marry, what your gender is or what’s you race you just need to accept others and yourself. Lady GaGa’s song ‘Born this Way’ informs others about self-acceptance in her new album ‘Born this way’. This song is about people abusing others and reflecting badly on them self because of their race, gender and choice in who they marry. Lady GaGa expresses her thoughts about people’s issues to say it doesn’t matter who you are because you were born that way.
The context of this song develops a strong social, historical and cultural environment of this song and background of what was going for people to understand and appreciate about what Lady GaGa is trying to inform others about. The social environment of the song is that people keep rejecting and bulling others for their gender or sexuality as well as the historical environment of the song is that people’s colour or religion has been used against them and they have been put into slavery and low positions in the world. Finally the cultural environment of the song is people and colours, marriage and gender. The background of the song is people have rejected people though out time who want to marry the same gender as them and slavery cause by people colour which was what happened to cause Born This Way to be written. This message is still relevant at the moment as people are still being effect by it but people are

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