Analysis Of The Sorrows Of Young Werther

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The Sorrows of Young Werther Analysis
The Sorrows of Young Werther was an extraordinary reading and eye opening experience because it changed the world around me and help me value my life's potential. One of the points that really affected me throughout this reading was the conversation about the ethics of suicide. Another point that struck me was Charlotte talking about the moonlight. Some of the characters also affected me as well like, the flower seeker and the peasant lad. My last point is whose fault is it for Werthers demise I just have to touch on this because this is such an interesting point because a lot of people have different views. The ending of the novel is a logical conclusion based on Goethe’s use of foreshadowing.
In the letter of May 22, Werther foreshadows to suicide, by saying “the sweet feeling of the liberty, and knows that he can quit his prison whenever he likes.”- (Goethe. Pg 6) He has a conversation with Albert about The ethics of suicide. Werther is saying that suicide is someone's passion to do so because reasoning has failed to satisfy. Albert is debating that no one capable of a larger view of life can be excused for committing suicide. I agree with both of them on Werther’s side it's your life if you want to end it and that is your desire even with help, by all means release yourself from the prison of life. Albert has a good point of view as well he says “because a man under the influence of violent passion loses all power of reflection, and
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