Analysis Of The Speech And Language Therapist 's Caseload

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The treatment of stammering has been reported as one of the least popular aspects of the speech and language therapist’s caseload (St Louis et al1993 cited in Crichton-smith 2002) and speech therapists give negative personality traits to people who stammer (Ruscello et al 1989). The purpose of this study will be to investigate whether the attitudes of SLT’s towards child stammering have an effect on the intervention they are able to provide and what elements impact on this. The focus will be on the speech therapist’s views and the questions will be adapted to cover any new topics that arise. It would be useful to have a growth in knowledge in this area to ensure that speech therapists have the correct teaching and training to have the …show more content…

In addition, this study focuses on clinician attitudes in general towards children who stammer and doesn’t specifically look at their views on therapy for this client group. Therefore, this proposed study aims to build on the research carried out by Critchton-Smith and focus on the therapy and intervention for children who stammer.
Another study that has previously considered this subject is Cooper et al 1996 which looked at clinician’s attitudes towards stutterers and what they do in therapy with clients who stutter. However this study was carried out with Speech and Language therapists in the USA, therefore the proposed study will be carried out with British speech therapists as the attitudes may be very different to those in the USA and may also have changed over the last 20 years after the introduction of various training via Michael Palin and the Lidcombe centre. The cooper study also outlined that 30% of therapists thought that therapy for school aged children would be ineffective if they had no early intervention (Cooper et al 1996) Therefore in this study it would be useful to see if therapist’s attitudes have changed towards providing therapy for those who have not had early intervention.
Therefore, after considering the previous literature the justification for carrying out this study would be there has been no

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