Analysis Of The Tortilla Curtain

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Kevin Lee
English 1H Period 2
7 September 2017

Directions: In order to keep a record of your reading and to concisely summarize important information, you will need to keep an accurate reading record. Please delete the directions and descriptions once you are ready to turn in final product. Each reading record should be typed (MLA Format) and include the following information: Title- The Tortilla Curtain
Author- T.C. Boyle
Genre- Fiction
Setting and Significance-
Where : Topanga Canyon
When: 1990
Point of View- Third Point Omniscient
Tone- Lifelike
Protagonist – Candino is a 30 year old male, who is Exhausted, Hopeful, Overworked.
Antagonist – Society, it has many ages and genders, and has characteristics of being racist and unaccepting.
External Conflict – Man vs. Society. Delany, the Topanga Community, Candido are involved in the conflict
Internal Conflict –
Man vs. Self. Delaney couldn’t choose between an open ended welcoming community/society, or a closed society for a certain group of people.
Protagonist’s Epiphany- Explain what the main character learns throughout the course of the novel. This lesson is usually something they learn about life or people. You should explain what they learn as well as how they learn this lesson.
Climax- The major turning point of the novel is when Topanga Canyon catches on fire. After this event life goes downhill for many of the characters such as Candido who loses his little bit of money and has to evacuate his

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