`` Exposition : The First Part Of A Plot

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Fiction Definitions
“Exposition: the first part of a plot that stages the scene, that introduces and identifies the characters, and that establishes the circumstances at the beginning of a play or story. Added exposition is often distributed throughout the work” (Mays A4).
“Setting: the time and place of the action in a work of fiction, poetry, or drama. The spatial setting is the place or places in which action unfolds, the temporal setting is the time; thus, the same as plot time. General Setting is the time and place in which all action unfolds; whereas, particular settings are the times and places which individual episodes or scenes take place” (Mays A10).
“Conflict: a struggle between opposing forces. A conflict is external when it puts a character against something or someone outside of his or herself---another character or characters or something in nature or society. A conflict is internal when the opposing forces are two drives, impulses, or parts of a single character” (Mays A3).
“Rising Action: the second of the five phases or parts of plot, in which events complicate the situation that existed at the beginning of a work, intensifying the initial conflict, or introducing a new one” (Mays A10).
“Climax: the third part of plot, the point at which the action stops rising and begins falling or reversing; also called turning point or peripeteia” (Mays A2).
“Falling Action: the fourth of five phases or parts of plot, in which the conflict or conflicts move toward

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