Analysis Of ' The Truth Shall Set You Free

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Speaking the Truth Confusion was aptly named as each of the characters in this book are confused. Each one of them has a unique way of dealing with the uncertainties that develop and each character becomes involved in the other’s confusion, thereby heightening their own. All of the characters’ confusion would have been vaporized if they had only spoken the words they needed to say. The author shows that age and gender does not prohibit someone from being confused and what we come away with is the necessity of speech. That the truth shall set you free. Roland as an old man is determined, “... to add a page not previously written to those on open display, a confession of feelings to be set beside that scholarly book, and for his sake I…show more content…
84. “...I knew that the next moment some sharp word or action would cut through our intimacy. Changeable as he was, he kept confusing my feelings…”. Pg. 85. Roland never told the professor that he didn’t like how he treated him, or that his actions were disconcerting enough for him to stop spending time with him. He could have. It would have been perfectly legitimate for Roland to do so. He kept quiet about it instead. He kept quiet out of fear of losing something. That something, Roland didn’t recognize,was that not only was he devoted to the professor, he was in love with the man. “His whole being, who felt ardently for him-”, his “fanatical desire to be close to him, the ecstasy of yearning for which the intellect was not enough,...”, (pg. 150) Roland could not speak out against the professor’s brusqueness or when he sometimes trivialized him. To do so would be to risk losing the professor altogether. Instead he spoke his concerns and feelings to his wife. Since Roland sensed the wife’s suffering from the professor’s silent reserve, he felt safe disclosing those feelings to her. (pg. 86) This action confused the wife, who longed for someone to care for her, someone to need her and someone to care about her opinion. When the emotional turmoil is so increased for Roland, and his and her body accidently brush against each other, the refuge of their sexual
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