Analysis Of ' The Unforgiven I '

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Metallica is a heavy metal band that began in 1981. While the last song released by the band was in 2008, the group is still widely popular. Perhaps the most popular songs are the “The Unforgiven” trilogy. “The Unforgiven I” is one of Metallica’s most popular singles, behind Enter Sandman which is on the same album. Metallica’s lead singer James Hetfield wrote the three songs about his life experiences, which is different from most of Metallica’s work. The majority of Metallica’s hits promote individuality and non-conformism (Nys 41). This trilogy of songs however is a story of heartbreak. They tell an overwhelmingly emotional story of resentment towards those who tried to control him (Irwin 7). James wrote these songs to pour out his emotions and express how he felt. Hetfield was born into a deeply religious family. His mother was a Christian, and she believed heavily that if one is meant to be healed, God will heal that person (“Ten things You May Not Know about James Hetfield”). As a result of this belief, when she was diagnosed with cancer, she did not seek medical help. She waited for God to heal her. Unfortunately, after waiting for God to heal her, she did not beat cancer and she died. This event fueled “The Unforgiven” trilogy and led to another work, “The God that Failed.” “The Unforgiven I” speaks about James’s parents and how he felt during his childhood. “The Unforgiven II” speaks about love and betrayal. “The Unforgiven III” speaks about forgiveness and

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