Analysis Of The Woman's Tale

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We’re going back in time: Shen had order all five guards and Zhing to keep their mouth shut about the Empress Dowager’s death and proceed with business as usual. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Grand Palace Hall A week has passed and the royal officials requested to meet with Shen. As Shen sits in his Throne with an emotionless expression, Minister Sun Da walks forward and bows, then says in a serious but cautious manner, “Your highness, please pardon this lowly Minister. This lowly Minister and many of the other officials has been informed that the Empress Dowager has pass. This is very concerning to all of us and the nation, so we all beg your majesty for an answer.” Shen narrows his eyes as he …show more content…

------------------------------------------------------------------- A week has past and the Doctor and Herbalist has yet to figure out the poison. They have already tried a third of all the poison that they knew of and none of them were positive. This obviously made Shen even more irritable and to add fuel to the fire, he was again summoned by the royal officials again. ------------------------------------------------------------------- As Shen sits in his throne, visibly irritated, Minister Sun Da and Minister Gao Yi steps forward and says, “Your highness, now that the Empress Dowager has passed. The Nation is without a mother….The nation cannot possible thrive in this state. There are already many conflicts happening. All of us royal officials urge your highness to give the nation an Empress and and hier.” Minister Yan Tai, “Your highness, Concubine JingYi comes from a great family and the Empress Dowager liked her a lot. She is also dedicate, kind, virtuous and beautiful. We have all talked and agree that she is suitable to be the Empress of our nation. Please, all of us beg your highness to take the nation into consideration and give Concubine JingYi a chance.” Shen gives them all a cold look and gives them a blunt no. But, of course they did not stop, many more officials join with the Ministers and urges Shen to make one of the concubines the Empress. -------------------------------------------------------------- Shen has seen all

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