Analysis Of ' Those Winter Sundays ' By Baldwin ' Sonny 's Blues And Grimm Brothers '

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English 2
3 November 2015
Conflict and reconciliation in familial relationships in Literature
Hayden’s ‘Those Winter Sundays’, Baldwin’ Sonny 's blues and Grimm brothers’ Cinderella describes certain sensitive situations most families sometimes find themselves in when disagreeing on diverse issues that can be resolved when parties are determined to. In these pieces of literature, family conflicts are portrayed as simple disagreements that in certain cases result in family break-ups and unnecessary hostilities. These pieces of work are very explicit and affirm that in any situation where there are facts, inclinations, and distress, there is a relatively high possibility for conflicts to occur. However, contrary to the popular opinion, these fundamental causes of family conflicts are human-made and can be resolved when proper channels are followed in a collaborative manner as portrayed in these three literatures. Indeed, virtually all families are at one period of time obliged to pass through diverse everyday conflicts, but with determination and acceptance of mistakes, appropriate processes of reconciliation can be instituted and the family ultimately return back to normalcy.
This piece of work by Grimm brothers describes a familial conflict pitting a step-mother and step-daughter who is obliged to unite after the sudden death of her birth mother. Grimm brothers rues the step-mother’s poor communication skills and lack of some important

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