Analysis Of Toni Morrison And Anna Deveare Smith Essay

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Toni Morrison and Anna Deveare Smith: Illuminating Racial Issues in America The social construction of race and the correlating stigma and stereotypes associated with different races has consistently played a large role in our society. Since our country’s founding, race has been deeply engrained into our culture—the most prominent example being slavery—and has created layers upon layers of underlying societal issues. The race issue in America has been illuminated in recent years, both intellectually and physically. Artists have explored the repercussions of race as a societal function and the implications of our country’s racial history through literature and artwork, and specific events such as racial crimes have sparked attention in the media through physically showing the issues race and its history create. An example of examining race in America on an intellectual level can be seen in Toni Morrison’s essay Playing in the Dark, which discusses the role race plays specifically in literature and how that role reflects and influences society. Anna Deveare Smith examines race on a physical level in her play Twilight: Los Angeles through taking the concrete example of the event involving Rodney King and reproducing her interviews with local community members. Through this reproduction, Deveare Smith expands this concrete example of injustice in the name of race to how society is impacted as a whole by race. The ideas set forth in Playing in the Dark are mirrored in Twilight

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