Analysis Of Unwritten By Natasha Bendingfield

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I chose the song Unwritten by Natasha Bendingfield to represent the intense theme of feminism in this novel. This story discusses how women are scrutinised more harshly in the political world for instance how Frankie’s mother, is treated very differently to her male opponents by the media. In the novel, she is nick named ‘the yummy mummy’ continually in the media, as a mock to her being female. The lyrics of the song “We've been conditioned to not make mistakes, but I can't live that way” related directly to the theme of feminism, a main theme in this novel. These lyrics portray how Francesca’s mother is expected to encompass femininity and be beyond reprimand on all areas, as the media’s degradation of her increases …show more content…

This is because in the novel, Francesca challenged decisions of trusting Jake, or whether he is just after the ultimate ‘scoop’, however she can’t help being attracted to him, even though she knows he could potentially be using her, just for ‘another article in the newspaper’, a quote from the novel when Francesca says “Jake is easy to talk to, and he seems to really like me, but I can’t stop wondering if his just after the ultimate scoop” This is shown in the song lyrics of “From the moment I met ya, I just can't get you out of my head, And I tell myself to run from you, But I find myself attracted to my dilemma, My dilemma, It's you, it's you”, in a sense that Jake is Francesca dilemma, as she is torn between weather Jake actually cares about her and of finding the truth, which could potentially mean losing Jake. The song also best describes the theme of love and romance in the novel. The lyrics quote, “One half of me wants ya, And the other half wants to forget it, My-my-my dilemma” This line in the song is relevant to the situation in the novel when Frankie’s trust in Jake is challenged. The lyrics “You make me so upset sometimes, I feel like I could lose my mind” from the first verse is very relevant to the novel as it is similar to their situation of when Francesca discovers that the surfacing images of her mother were

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