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Vanilla Sky

I have selected to do my media critique paper on a film called Vanilla Sky. Vanilla Sky is a film directed by Cameron Crowe. It is the English version of Alejandro Amenábar's Spanish film called Open Your Eyes. The film has been described as "an odd mixture of hard strong emotion, romance and a twist of science fiction. The film starring Vanilla Sky Tom Cruise, Penelope Cruz, and Cameron Diaz with Jason Lee and Kurt Russell appearing in supporting roles.

David Aames is a narcissistic 33 year old man, whose is very good-looking, charming, rich, and reckless. He lives alone in New York City. He inherited the magazine company from his father and his …show more content…

Sofia beautiful, soft-spoken knowing dentist assistant with a Spanish accent falls for David. David is feeling his self so much right now because he knows Sofia will fall for his good looks. Narcissistic people believe that they are God’s greatest gift to the world, the need to feel special, and a feeling entitled. So, David and Sofia end up being with each other for the rest of the night so, David walks Sofia back to her place.

David still doesn’t understand that have this self-centered and entitlement, narcissistic ways can get him seriously hurt. Julie Julianna found David walking out of Sofia’s apartment. For once David put his ego to the side and felt guilty about ignoring Julie and convinces him to get into her car. The car ride starts off calm and peaceful to a deep confession of each other. David still doesn’t understand why Julie has deep feelings for him. He starts having this pompous and arrogant demeanor like narcissistic individual. She starts driving recklessly through the city of New York City, while she is driving with such rage, she started confession her love for him and berating him for treating her so casually. An individual with a narcissistic mindset doesn’t care too much about the other individual safety. Fearing for their safety, he tries to get her to stop the car by telling her that he loves her. She drives the car off a bridge in an attempt to

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