Analysis Of White Log

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Throughout life, people change a great deal. In many novels, the characters change, they usually have no idea that they are changing. The characters usually change in different ways. Multiple characters might change by being ruthless and blackhearted, and then at the end, they are a happy and cheery character. White Fang and Buck have changed an amazing amount. For example Buck changed from being a happy, lovable character, to answering the call of the wild. White Fang, went from being a ruthless, wild beast to a lovable, domesticated character. People could build up confidence and change without the world ending. White Fang is an amazing novel written by Jack London. The main character, White Fang, is a ferocious, ruthless wolf. At first, he is not allowed to go towards the wall of light and when he does, he finds the answers to every one of his curious wishes. He starts out as a curious little pup, then proceeds to be a curious pup until he meets his first human. When he gets taken back to camp, Kiche comes to his rescue, but they get taken in instead. He started hunting with his mother at a young age, and therefore he learned things quicker. He progressed with his mental age of course, throughout the novel, and had to become an “adult dog” at a young age to protect his mother and himself. His attitude toward children from the Indian camp to the time he became a part of Weedon Scott’s family, he went through many changes. At Weedon Scott’s house, he knew

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