Analysis Of Winterson 's ' Passion

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Winterson’s “Passion” undoubtedly is a complex text to read. She has made use of literary terms such as narration and authors as a weapon to leave her readers in ambiguous situations. She has made use of Miller’s view of fiction being a playground for writers to create and recreate situations that may not be suitable in the real world. Winterson has used this idea to intermingle her life in a fictional/fantastical scenario in her story. Then she piggybacked Miller’s idea of repetition to add another element of complication through the usage of questionable phrases that forces the readers to wonder about the accuracy of the information that they have been presented. And lastly, Winterson has used Pease’s idea about of writers to further confuse the readers by constantly playing a game of ping pong with the role of auctore and author. Using these terms and concept to switch back and forth makes this reading complicated for the readers to dissect that is the reason why this book is pleasurable to read. Winterson has experimented with the art of seduction through her writing style in “Passion”. Villanelle has been characterized as a sexually active woman who is loved by many men however, her heart had been stolen by the Queen of Spade which prevents her from falling in love. For a short time, Winterson has successfully made the readers sympathize with the Villanelle, making her look like the Damsel in distress. Just like waterways of Venice, Winterson has twisted the story, and

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