Fantomina: the Manipulator of Situations

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Fantomina: The manipulator of situations Fantomina is a novella describing how a young woman Fantomina goes about trying to seduce Beauplaisir.Fantomina details the events of how a young woman curiosity leads her into “faked prostitution” and ultimately falling in love with Beauplaisir.The novella chronicles how the young woman does whatever she can through disguising her identity to be always with the one she has fallen in with, Beauplaisir.The story ends when Fantomina gets pregnant and is sent to a monastery in France. Haywood’s Fantomina represents an important moment in the evolution of gender constructions in the eighteenth century.This research essay is from short story Fantomina.Eliza Haywood Fantomina perceives that gender…show more content…
Haywood’s Fantomina also challenges the decorum by portraying the protagonist as having some influence over Beauplaisir.Fantomina always would manipulate Beauplaisir, so that his love for her would not die down. Fantomina is the opposite of the stereotypical woman in the eighteenth century. On page 1466,the author says that “she was so admirably skilled in the art of feigning that she had the power of putting on almost what face she pleased, and knew so exactly how to form her behaviour to the character she represented that all the comedians at both playhouses are infinitely short of her performances.This is about how Fantomina had learnt the art of conniving,that she was comparing herself to the comedian at playhouses. In a century where men were supposed to be the liars and connivers, Fantomina found a way to do against what stereotypically would have been done by women and do what would have been done stereotypically by man.This shows us that Fantomina had gone against the stereotypes and “beaten” Beauplaisir at what was supposed to be his role in society. So Fantomina learned skills of feigning shows that some woman could really change their affirmed gender roles to fulfill what their hearts and minds desired off. The eighteenth century saw the rise of the

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