Analysis Of Words Of Protest And On The Birth Of My Son By Malcolm Coltrane

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Literary Analysis of “Words of Protest, Words of Freedom” One of the most important aspects of the Civil Rights Movement era was the extraordinarily violent rebellions that happened from 1964 up until 1971. During this point in time, there were a number of poems written depicting the heavy emotions that were felt during this era. In this section, there is a significant range in diversity among the highlighted poets, whether it is through gender or race. Both Charles Bukowski and Julius Lester depict their experience of this point in time during the civil rights era in their respective poems, “finish” and “On The Birth Of My Son, Malcolm Coltrane.” Both poems represent a unique point of view from each author, due to the respective differences between the two poets. In addition, through syntax and diction, both poems convey a certain mood or tone that demonstrates the overall message that the poems are trying to convey. Throughout both poems, the respective poets use syntax, diction, and tone to portray their own unique point of view on the Civil Rights Movement. Towards the end of the 1960’s and the beginning of the 1970’s, there appeared to be a rise in both riots and rebellions that were considered a part of the Civil Rights Movement. The entirety of chapter eight is dedicated to these various rebellions and riots, with poetry from all during that point in time where rebellions were prominent during the civil rights era. In Charles Bukowski’s poem, “finish,” a unique

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