Analysis Of Yells

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YELLS was the first similar youth program to my program HandBridge. Serving as leaders in the communtties helping and leading youths. Also teaching marketable skills by striviving to inspire them to invest in themselve , in school ( education ) and thoughout their communties. YELLs, located in Marietta, GA was founded in 2008 by Lara Keefe and colloration of teaches , community members and etc. Helps build character , better achievements in the classroom and in the community and provides a safe haven in the neighorhood off Frankin Gateway .
Looking on YELLS website a few cons that’s sticks out is on the home page its plain and doesn’t sticks out to fully catch the person who enters the site. The background is just a solid gray color with …show more content…

Making it easy for others to share information with others about their mentor program .
In ways YELLS does use the ACT methodology but aslo doesn’t use the methodology correct. The website doesn’t catch the viewer attenion from the jump . Havto primary keep your attentipm to stay on the page. After learning that the program is about and seeing the different pictutre of the events that the youths are apart of can convert viewers to want to know more about the program and recuiting someone to help.
I would add more pictures of the youths and staff on the main page for the viewers to each their attention the first time. Add more designs to stand out from other websites that are similar to YELLS. Have the viewer notice the website looks good and appealing but also have them believe the program is also an good program as well because that first impression counts for a lot . Boast the socail media networks by posting more pictures and calander events for the exposer. Starting with the facebook page since its the most popular between the three. Build up more fans on the page and attract more followers . Use the timeline from featuring posts and promoting as well. Also I would create an Instagram account because of the number of users that is present and to come in the future to also get YELLS word out more. Using the pictures to show the different stories that occur in the organization. Using Hashtags that some people may come

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