Grappling with Growth

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Tyler Southard SPM 444 Case Study 4/2/13 Grappling With Growth 1. What are potential strategies that the wrestling program can implement via social media marketing to improve interactions with key stakeholders on a regular basis? The wrestling program needs a way to interact with their stakeholders on a regular basis. The program can do this through social media. Social media allows you to be able to reach out to many people at once and market your brand to them. The main objectives of using social media is to increase attendance, strengthen your brand, and keep fans up to date with the latest program news. Facebook is a good way to gain followers and interact with them. By creating a Facebook page for the wrestling program,…show more content…
Promotions such as giveaways, ticket discounts, raffles, etc. are a good way to attract fans. I would also highlight these promotions on Facebook and Twitter for all of my followers to see. Using the media is also a good use of traditional marketing because it is free. The media outlets can inform fans and potential fans about the upcoming events. This is a free and easy way for the program to spread information to the public. 3. Based on examples provided in the case study, what are some potential new ideas for video releases that would help you to build followers via social media? Creating video releases is a good way for fans to see the product before they attend a match. YouTube is a prime medium to release these videos to the public. The videos could be full matches or just match highlights. Also, there could be videos on individual wrestlers, kind of like a biography on each wrestler so fans could get to know the team better. To increase viewership of these videos, I could post them on Facebook and provide the link on Twitter. Integrating multiple platforms is ideal for increasing awareness about the program. Once people see just one of the social media sites, they will most likely access the others if they are linked together effectively. 4. In one of the quotes, the University of Tennessee Chattanooga staff discusses the different roles of Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. What are the differences between the three outlets and how can your program use
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