Analysis: The Love Canal

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Love Canal was once a chemical waste dumping ground located in Niagara Falls, NY., only miles from where I grew up. Originally, the idea of The Love Canal was to serve as a canal that would connect the two levels of the Niagara River ultimately resulting in an easier and less expensive way to generate power. Unfortunately, only about a mile of the canal was dug before money ran out to proceed with the project. Therefore, this mile long hole in the ground was used by local residents as a swimming pool in the summer and an ice skating rink in the winter until a local chemical company purchased the canal to use as a waste site to dump their excess chemicals into. Overtime, more than 21,000 tons of chemicals were tossed into the canal and simply …show more content…

The President eventually ordered an evacuation in addition to buying out 239 of the closest homes to the canal so those residents could move to safer areas. The Love Canal uproar generated multiple improvements to the environment as well as ignited major interest in environmental research. In following, the formation of The Center for Health, Environment and Justice was formed as well. This assemblage works hard at providing direct assistance to citizens faced with environmental problems. It is important to continually pursue the safety of our environment and be the driving force for change as it directly impacts our health and well-being along with the health of who we may be carrying as well. Teratogens contribute to birth defects whether they are what you directly put into your body knowingly or what is being put into your body through your environment. It is crucial to be aware of what could potentially harm your fetus, staying clear of those teratogens, and always voicing any concerns about potential threats. It doesn't take a lot of a bad thing to be detrimental to a

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