Analysis of Herbert Croly and Frank Meyer´s Point of View Regarding the American Dream

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There is no uncertainty in the loyalty that Americans have towards this promise of natural, unalienable rights. However, as Croly correctly realizes, we may all have the same God-given rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, but the American dream is not something that is attainable by all. Due to our political and legal system, which protects and holds sacred private property, “those who have enjoyed the benefits of wealth and thorough education start with an advantage” (Croly 201). By examining both Meyer’s and Croly’s philosophies on the American life, it is evident that Meyer’s proposal to place human freedom at the center of the political order prevents political efficiency and natural equality.
In order to understand the disagreement between Herbert Croly’s “aristocracy” and Frank Meyer’s “reasonable interpreters,” we need first to understand each philosopher’s ideology regarding the future of the United States. For Croly, he is offering a radical criticism of American life. Citizens have this traditionally understood belief that the American promise means that regardless of one’s background and socioeconomic class, economic prosperity and happiness is a guarantee for all Americans. Croly believes that this optimistic perspective on American life is wrong. It is not until we encourage efficient…
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