Essay on Analysis of Marie Kashpaw in the Film Saint Marie

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Marie Kashpaw/Lazarre transitions successfully from not knowing who she is to being proud of who she has become. She is able to come out of bad experiences and use them to improve and guide her. She learns from her mistakes is able to look at her own flaws which help her grow as a person. She is not too ashamed to be able to say that she was naive, ignorant, or made the wrong decision. She thinks before she acts with a plan in mind.
In Saint Marie (1934) Marie is only fourteen years old and is trying to find her identity and sense of importance. Even though she is half native american and half white, she doesn’t feel like she is fully accepted into either community. In order to find her calling, she believes she can prove herself good …show more content…

A big part of the reason Leopolda saw Marie as “different” proved to be that Marie was part Native American which meant that Satan had a stronger presence in her than the other white children. In many ways Marie Lazzare proves herself to be heroic throughout both stories “Saint Marie” and “Flesh and Blood”(1957). Even though she is only fourteen in “Saint Marie” she successfully escaped a dangerous situation with a mixture of luck and intelligence. Marie uses intuition, strength, and impulse to break free from Leopolda’s grasp, while at the same time being lucky enough to be successful at escaping by fooling the other nuns. At the same time she is an anti hero because Marie put herself in that situation not because she primarily wanted to be part of that religion, but because she was trying to fit in where she felt welcomed which is caused by her naivety.
When she goes back to see her years later, Leopolda is very unwell, sickly, and skinny. Leopolda lives a very stagnant life. She lives in the same room at the convent that she always has and she is in bed most of the day. In a lot of ways Marie is lucky that she didn’t go down the same path as Leopolda like she wanted to initially. We are able to see that twenty years later Marie feels sorry for her which indicates that Marie is satisfied with what she has done with her life.
Marie can still sometimes seem childish for example in “Flesh and Blood” she wants to show off how successful and well she

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