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My brother Sam is dead The story of “My brother sam is dead” is set in Colonial America.It is set in the year 1775 in Redding, Connecticut where the story follows the main character Tim and his family going through the revolutionary war. Tim doesn’t really pay attention to all the politics and war, but his family does. His father especially is a Great Britian loyalist. The story’s first big event happens (page 13) when Tim’s brother Sam comes back from Yale. The Family is eating dinner on Sam’s first day back when he breaks the news. Sam seems zealous and …show more content…

They reunite happily and Tim learns that Sam has decided to reenlist. Tim Implores that he shouldn’t but he realizes that arguing will not change Sam's mind. Flash-forward a year later (page 179) Tim and his mother get word that their father has died on a prison ship due to Cholera. This makes Tim become truly the man of the house. Taking care of his mother, The house and their tavern business. The beginning of the end starts when Tim does not know what to do with their 8 cows (183) . He wants to sell them for cash. Sam returns to Redding with his troops and advises Tim to kill the cows and hide the meat so as to prevent them to be stolen but Tim is hesitant. Eventually, two men try to steal the cows from the barn, and when Sam runs out to stop them, the men grab him and frame him as the cattle thief. Since cow stealing has been a problem in the army, Sams general is determined to make an example out of somebody. Both Tim and his mother beg for impunity to the rebel officers, pleading Sam's innocence. but the general will not change his mind. Tim tries to break into the encampment and save his brother (page 216), but nothing comes of it. On February 16, 1779, Tim looks on as Sam is publicly shot. (page 218) The story fast forwards several years as it reveals Tim now lives a happy life, But he will always miss his older brother. (page 218)

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