Analysis of Robert Forst´s Mending Wall Essay

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Robert Frost deliberated a intention and was determined to get it across any way that he could. He verbalized his feelings through Walls and Blockages, Descriptive words, and Seasons and Nature. The aspiration of walls in this piece is to block neighbors and assemble a better relationship. Descriptive words are used to portray a improved visual of what is designed to see. Robert Frost speaks of seasons as if it were a human.
Wall’s are blockages used to isolate a human beings wants and feelings. Privacy should be respected by all although offensiveness was not intended by either neighbor. The speaker’s logic was that the wall blocking the properties were absurd. The essential purpose of the poem is the desire by one neighbor to have a …show more content…

Robert Frost used a word choice that shaped the readers mind into the outdoor scenery where the dog is on one side of the fence barking.
Robert Frost is a major nature enthusiast. In the poem, Mending Wall, the speaker talks about the Spring. Taking a literal approach, he used Spring, because it is the first season of the year. A new beginning for two people that have had a protracted antagonism for one another. The speaker does not understand how they are becoming good neighbors, because they are not cows. People often use nature to express new beginnings and the start of something new.
Nature is a description of a Season. Seasons are the start of a new beginning. The speaker uses the word Spring, possibly because it is the first official and whole season of the year. The neighbor could be expressing how he thinks they should break the wall down and start over. A new beginning is what he desires.
The speaker wants nothing but a friendship with his neighbor but the neighbor wants the privacy that he feels he is entitled to. The speaker expresses how the neighbor is a pine cone. Pine cones are hard and nettlesome. Pine cones are very arduous. Attempting to express his feelings, the speaker could be referring to the neighbor as a pine cone, because no matter how bad he tries, the neighbor will not break into fragments.
The last word or phrase that Robert Frost expressed within the poem was cows. The neighbor thinks it is ridiculous to have

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