Analysis of TV Show Law and Order: Special Victims Unit Essay

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Law and Order: Special Victims Unit and an American police procedural crime show that is set in New York City. Many of the episodes are loosely based on real crimes found in the news that have created a lot of attention. The Special Victims Unit is portrayed as a new elite squad of NYPD detectives who investigate sexually related crimes and crimes involving women and children. This police drama was originally set to follow the detectives, Elliot Stabler and his partner Olivia Benson as they are portrayed as seasoned detectives that have seen it all and have had difficult past which motivate them to solve crime. Law and Order SVU is a TV show that focuses on the interrelationships of the institutions of policing and prosecution as equally …show more content…

Previous detective Elliott Stabler, Benson’s old partner experienced violent anger toward suspects and was described as the character that “embodies the rage that is felt by the audience” (Dwyer) and they are similarities that can be seen with Benson’s newer partner, Nick Amaro and Elliot Stabler. Detective Amaro helps bring empathy to his cases while dealing with a stressful home life. Another Detective that has recently joined the show, Amanda Rolllins is seen displaying great persistence and instincts that help her close cases. The Captain overseeing the team Donald Cragen, is shown to be a tough-but supportive captain and helps guide the team along complex and difficult cases while also managing the challenges they face every day. Detective John Munch, also bring his own experience to aid his team through his conspicuity theories and “street-honed investigative skills” (Byers 2009). The various detectives on the force prove to be very informative, having Intel on various corporations and facts and information about various things. They are aware of many facts that don’t exactly pertain to the police work but rather random facts and knowledge that they picked up over the years. Cases on Law and Order are also portrayed to only last a short duration of time, and the detectives that are assigned to the case stick to it till the end, even during the trail and many times after sentencing. Law and Order

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