Analysis of Terry Tempest Williams' Short Story, The Clan of One-Breasted Women

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Composing a story is not just about writing down ideas and events. The true art of writing is an intricate and timely process. Convincing the reader of your beliefs and opinions goes beyond actual facts and data. In the 1600's a man named Roberto de Nobili recognized this situation and discovered the rhetorical triangle, which is still commonly used today (Faigley 5).. The rhetorical triangle consists of three key structural terms that must be evident in a story to enable the reader to comprehend and trust the writer. The three tactics of persuasions became ethos, pathos and logos. The Clan of One-Breasted Women, by Terry Tempest Williams describes the tale of a young girl's family being affected by breast cancer and how it has greatly …show more content…

Later on in the paragraph the writer draws another false conclusion when she states that living in Utah may be the greatest hazard of all. This claim the writer makes is inaccurate and strictly an opinion. There is no evidence to prove that her statement is true therefore it is not believable.

When one closely examines this story as a critical reader the poorly written paragraphs seem to disintegrate and the evidence the writer uses to prove her points becomes nonexistent. In paragraph 5 the writer states, ?Traditionally, as a group of people, Mormons have a low rate of cancer,? (Williams 375). The writer composes this sentence in a manner such that one may tend to believe it is true, however once again the writer is guilty of false facts. Perhaps it is true, that Mormons have a higher rate of cancer then other religions, but without cited sources, this fact shrivels into an opinion. Following the writer goes into a tale of how she believes her family got sick from pollution and chemicals in the air. She begins to reminisce about a time when her family was driving past Las Vegas in 1957, and oil tanker in front of them exploded, enabling her to witness a ?golden-stemmed cloud, the mushroom,? (Williams 376). In this case the writer is strictly describing a story on a first hand basis. If a tanker exploded then the event would be documented and she could

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