Analysis of The Song 'Candle in the Wind'

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A HISTORICAL & BIOGRAPHICAL ANALYSIS OF THE SONG “CANDLE IN THE WIND” BY ELTON JOHN A Literary Research Presented to The Faculty of Arts in Literature University of the Immaculate Conception Davao City In Partial Fulfillment Of the Requirements for the Bachelor of Arts Degree, Major in Literature Submitted to Dr. Yda Yap Patron Professor Roxan Vee G. Tampos October 201 “Candle in the Wind” Goodbye England’s rose, May you ever grow in our hearts,You we’re the grace that place itself, When lives were torn apart. You called out to your country And you whispered to those in pain And now you belong to heaven And the stars spell out your name And it seems to me you live your life Like a candle in the wind Never …show more content…

The first stanza shows the fall of England’s rose and to all the people who loves Diana after hearing the instance. Apparently, Diana never expect to be included in the royal family at first. It was fate which makes a way for her and Prince Charles to meet each other. The two fall in love, but fate becomes unkind to her suddenly when she found out unexpectedly two days before their wedding a bracelet that Charles had made for Camilla Parker Bowles, Charles long time mistress. ”I can’t marry him, I can’t do this” Diana told her sister, “Well, bad luck, Duch they quipped. Your face is on the tea towels so you’ve too late to chicken out.” Since then, Diana said “ There were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded.” Diana refused to accept the affair of Prince Charles to Camilla, whom she called “The Rottweiler.” Diana finally decided to have divorced with Prince Charles. Prime Minister John Major formally announced the separation of the Prince and Princess of Wales on December 9, 1992. Diana is not just blessed with beauty but she was also outspoken, rebellious, mischievous, approachable, and touchingly vulnerable. It is not a surprised that Diana is also like Helen of Troy, whose face can launch a thousand ships. Of all, the man who tries to win her heart again, there is only one who catches not only her attention, but also someone who loves her more than anything and it was Dodi Fayed. Dodi Fayed is the son of Mohamed Al

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