Analysis of Themes Found in Emma

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The novel Emma is one that is funny yet sweet and silly yet quite serious. These words may seem like antonyms to anyone else who has not read the novel but in essence they sum up what is Emma. Emma is a novel that is centered on a girl that is at times silly, vain, self-centered, superfluous, and overly confident yet there is a softer more vulnerable side to her that readers do not really fully grasp until the end of the book. Emma Woodhouse is a girl that says she will never get married yet she spends all of her spare time making matches between single people in the town she lives in, she seems to thrive off of meddling, love and marriage yet does not believe that it will happen to her. As the novel progresses and Emma’s schemes continue to backfire and go awry Emma begins to change but that change is not without folly, silliness and hijinks that cause problems within the relationships that surround her life. The theme of silliness, foolishness and folly is very prevalent throughout the book and is the major reason why many people love Emma because no one is free from social missteps so Emma as a character is very relatable. In the beginning of the novel this quote practically jumps off the page in the way that it is giving a warning; a warning to readers about Emma; that her vanity will get in the way of whatever she sets out to accomplish whether it be match making between her new friend Harriet and the widowed vicar or her friendship with Mr. Knightley. “The real
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