Analysis of Three Works of Poetry: My Papa's Walts, Our Father, and The Early Purges

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Analysis of Three Works of Poetry: My Papa's Walts, Our Father, and The Early Purges Obviously our childhood is the most important period of our lives, it determines how we develop and can have a great influence on we will be like when we grow up. Much of our formation depends on our parents and how strict they are etc. I have had a reasonably good childhood. I have had two parents who have jobs, which means two sets of wages are coming into the house every week. That has enabled us to have a comfortable lifestyle. The three poems I will be looking at in this essay are ''My Papa's Waltz'' ''Our Father'' and ''The Early Purges''. In this essay I will be looking at childhood and how childhood …show more content…

When the father comes home rather drunkenly from work. He gathers up his small son and waltzes him round the kitchen. Because his father is drunk the movement is unsteady and disorderly and this is how the pans are knocked off the shelf. This is how the boy's ear gets scraped on the fathers buckle. I think the father does not mean to do this I think he does love his son but he is that drunk he does not know that he is scraping his sons ear on his buckle and the dance is suppose to be an expression of this. We can tell that the boy is in some pain because the poet indicates that ''the hand which held my wrist was battered on one knuckle'' and ''at every step you missed my right ear scraped a buckle''. This next poem I will talk about is ''The Early Purges'' by Seamus Heaney. this poem is different than My Papas Waltz in the way that it is about deliberate violence towards animals and My Papas Waltz is about violence towards humans. This poem is about a little boy who has a shocking experience of watching kittens being drown. This was a horrible experience for the 6 year old boy. Seamus Heaney goes into great detail in describing the way in which the kittens die, he recalls their ''soft paws scraping like mad. But their tiny din was soon soused ''. The language Heaney uses is fascinating language, he uses everyday

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