Analysis of the Last Scene of Film Frankenstein by Kenneth Branagh

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Analysis of the Last Scene of Film Frankenstein by Kenneth Branagh The monster that Victor Frankenstein created to stop death has destroyed him emotionally. This monster has killed all that Victor ever loved. He killed his little brother, his wife, his father, and his housemaid. Wanting vengeance Victor follows the monster north in an unwavering pursuit. All he wants to do is to destroy the monster. But the monster soon kills him by torturing him while on the run. Victor dies from exhaustion almost immediately after he finishes telling Captain Walton his frightening tale. His final words are ''I'm tired, so very tired.'' The monster appears on the scene and is miserable at the death of his …show more content…

The close up on Frankenstein as he speaks his final words focuses all our attention on him. We suddenly have a feeling of anger towards the monster as he has just tortured a suffering man to death. The situation here is that creator has been destroyed by his creation. The film then tries to make us feel sorry for the monster. This is shown during the scene in which Captain Walton comes down into his cabin shortly after Frankenstein's death after hearing a groan from below deck and finds the creature weeping over the corpse of the recently deceased scientist. Walton asks the creature what he is and he answers with "he was my father." This reply starts to build up our sympathy for the monster as he has just lost his "father". This scene tries to increase the sympathy successfully when the creature also says "he never gave me a name." This adds to the sympathy by making us feel guilty that this creature towards whom we first felt anger doesn't even have a name. At this point the scene changes to the funeral of Frankenstein and we can see that the creature stands away from captain Walton and his men. This emphasises his loneliness and difference to mankind. This depiction of the monster's loneliness is given greater depth when he says, "I am done with man" in his reply to Walton's request for him to come with

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