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Decline and Fall of Rome History of Western Civilization 1 HIEU 201 April 11, 2013 Professor Philip Brown History of Western Civilization 1 HIEU 201 April 11, 2013 Decline and Fall of Rome When you think of Rome, you think of a super power that rose from a small civilization into an Empire that stretched from Italy down to North Africa. Over the time period of 500 years, the leaders of Rome conquered city by city to reach their greatness. Though it took 500 years for Rome to accomplish this task, it took only 100 years for it to fall. During those 100 years, Rome would be plagued with economic turmoil, inner betrayal, social issues, and a diminishing military. When Marcus Aurelius died in A.D. 180, the Empire was…show more content…
Much of the upper class drifted away from spiritual practices, but that was not the case for the masses of peasants and slaves. The spread of mystery religions grew during the Hellenistic era. Slaves, soldiers, and merchants brought many religious cults westward from Persia, Babylon, Syria, Egypt, and Asia Minor (Perry, 2009). The people of Rome paced their hope in mystical Gods to overcome the lack of hope in their lives. These mystical Gods gave the people of Rome a sense of belonging and most importantly a road to immortality. Political issues were another factor in the fall of Rome. As the Roman Empire spread down to the Persian Gulf, Rome still continued to operate their government as if they were a small city. The Roman Empire was designed to govern a city-state and not a large empire. Transportation issues plagued the government. They could not maintain the vast areas of their empire to provide food and supplies to their military. This caused the soldiers to become disloyal and their generals to form their own armies. These armies would take over small areas and establish their own empire. An empire with no control of their own army was destined to fall. Most of the funding for Rome came from taking over other countries. Before the fall, Rome had basically taken all the land that they could. This stopped a large portion of funding for the government. The power driven Emperor’s actually drove their own

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